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Senior Squad 2017

Senior Player Profiles

Jack Bell

Jack Bell


Jack is a young lad with glass knees. A patient bowler who scores important runs at important times, and a seniors 2nds regular.

Games Played: 0

Innings: 0

Runs Scored: 0

Stuart Bowker

Stuart Bowker


Stuart is a shy and retiring spin bowler, and holds a reasonably straight bat. Calm under pressure - unless Shelts boys are anywhere near him - his disciplinary record is in stark contrast to that of his football 'career'.

Games Played: 85

Innings: 63

Runs Scored: 390

Overs Bowled: 424.4

Runs Conceded: 1913

Wickets: 93

Catches: 23

Lee Elmore

Lee Elmore


Lee is an old hand at Barton Banter, and returns as a guest-star whilst vacationing from wet and windy Oz. It seems the weather has followed him...

Games Played: 0

Innings: 0

Runs Scored: 0

Pete Gartrell

Pete Gartrell


Pete's metronomic line and length make him economical and very effective. He's another player with a great record of fetching things from high places for the rest of us. He also sports an enormous St. Georges Cross hat...

Games Played: 25

Innings: 19

Runs Scored: 139

Overs Bowled: 188.5

Runs Conceded: 699

Wickets: 41

Catches: 3

Andy Hele

Andy Hele


Andy is an accomplished Wicketkeeper and destructive batsman, who tends to use his helmet as a third glove against spin. Hele-o tends to make the rest of us look like finely tuned athletes, him being so 'bulky' and all...

Games Played: 77

Innings: 59

Runs Scored: 855

Stumpings: 31

Catches: 52

Alex Hunt

Alex Hunt


Alex is an accomplished batsman and bowler of 'very wides', and is useful for getting things from high places for the rest of us. He is also the proud owner and wearer of the patent pending, barely visible, Short-Shorts™

Games Played: 31

Innings: 29

Runs Scored: 179

Overs Bowled: 28

Runs Conceded: 89

Wickets: 6

Catches: 7

Adam Last

Adam Last


Lasty is a shy and retiring chap. His powerful batting and nagging line and length mark him out as a very useful all-rounder. Has been known to go on a bit though...

Games Played: 0

Innings: 0

Runs Scored: 0

Adrian Lipton

Adrian Lipton

Lippo Jr.

Aidie has shown his skill as a bowler and batsman, and is a seniors 2nd team regular. He's been known to smile, having clocked up 1 so far this year...

Games Played: 0

Innings: 0

Runs Scored: 0

Matt Lipton

Matt Lipton


Matt has risen through the club ranks, although he's now slumming it in the 1's. Pacey bowling, mixed with patient batting, and a Kieth Lemon style of arm-wear, make him a role model for his siblings... sort of...

Games Played: 25

Innings: 21

Runs Scored: 190

Overs Bowled: 87.1

Runs Conceded: 377

Wickets: 15

Catches: 6

Johnny Martin

Johnny Martin


Johnny has returned to Barton this year from SDCC. We welcomed him back by letting him try to kill Shelts. Only fair really. Renowned for his Filthy bowling and confident batting, and words of encouragement... don't duck Shelts...

Games Played: 11

Innings: 10

Runs Scored: 114

Overs Bowled: 101.3

Runs Conceded: 365

Wickets: 17

Catches: 3

Shaun Needham

Shaun Needham


Shaun is a classically trained snake-eater, also known to bat and bowl. An exuberant chap, with plenty of meaty chat. Currently making Bowks look ordinary whilst playing with a 4 piece collar-bone...

Games Played: 45

Innings: 43

Runs Scored: 691

Overs Bowled: 56.4

Runs Conceded: 225

Wickets: 12

Catches: 22

Adam Parker

Adam Parker


Adam is First Team captain, and an all-rounder who has spent his whole career at the club. Our players don't stand still for too long or he tries to flog any old tat that's lying around to them, on commission...

Games Played: 122

Innings: 111

Runs Scored: 1802

Overs Bowled: 727

Runs Conceded: 2577

Wickets: 122

Catches: 40

Jim Parker

Jim Parker


Jim is a Barton man, through and through. As 2nd XI skipper his shrewd judgement at the toss is legendary - we're bowling. Exquisite leg spin and staunch defence are trademark JP, as is his paternal encouragement in the field.

Games Played: 90

Innings: 77

Runs Scored: 853

Overs Bowled: 13.5

Runs Conceded: 72

Wickets: 3

Catches: 11

Steve Porter

Steve Porter


Erstwhile keeper of the peace, and regular umpire for the 2nd XI. We make him play now and again, just for giggles. Steve cannot be held responsible for the disgraceful attire of Ports... one can only do so much as a parent.

Games Played: 9

Innings: 8

Runs Scored: 26

Overs Bowled: 0.2

Runs Conceded: 2

Wickets: 0

Tom Porter

Tom Porter


Tom is an economical wicket taker, and crusher of poor bowling. His taste in clothing is questionable, and he is famous for a pair of hideous orange leggings... we're collectively appalled...

Games Played: 83

Innings: 65

Runs Scored: 758

Overs Bowled: 421.1

Runs Conceded: 1724

Wickets: 59

Catches: 9

Greg Shelton

Greg Shelton


Greg is a first team regular and wicketkeeper who is known for his powerful batting and many children. Shelts is currently trying to survive winter training against Johnny Martin, whilst trying to box his way through Torquay.

Games Played: 52

Innings: 45

Runs Scored: 778

Stumpings: 7

Overs Bowled: 8

Runs Conceded: 50

Wickets: 2

Catches: 18

Barry Shelton

Barry Shelton


Barry is a very correct batsman, and the younger, more slick of the Shelton boys. Shelts says he's a bit of a Boycs clone. At least nobody is trying to kill Baz... yet... Baz has the family hairdo this year.

Games Played: 2

Innings: 2

Runs Scored: 41

Overs Bowled: 4

Runs Conceded: 34

Wickets: 0

Gary Spencer

Gary Spencer


Gary is the calm one after returning from exile in Cornwall. Some mean spin and the worlds heaviest bat are his trademarks. Taught Bowks everything he knows... although almost nothing about football stuck...

Games Played: 16

Innings: 12

Runs Scored: 35

Overs Bowled: 108.3

Runs Conceded: 380

Wickets: 29

Catches: 4

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